Welcome to Morganic Farm

Your trusted source for natural pastured meat and eggs since 2010.

We are a small family farm that uses locally grown non-GMO feed and pastures our animals.  We do not use chemicals or drugs on our animals or in the garden.  Compost and kelp are our sole plant fertilizers.  We raise Heritage breeds and grow using organic and heirloom seeds.

Our Special Order Contract can be used to place special one time orders.  Complete & return the CSA Contract to join our CSA or protein shares!

Items colored purple are not available at this time, but can be special ordered.

Complete the Custom Order Form for your whole or half hog.

Currently available at our Market:

  • Free Range Eggs

    • Chicken Eggs $5/dozen – please call ahead 12-24 hours
    • Duck Eggs $5/dozen
    • Quail Eggs $10 for 2 dozen package
  • Pastured Heritage Pork

    • $4/pound whole hog – processed
    • $4.50/pound half hog – processed
    • $6/package hog share – 1-2 pound package per week
    • Pork by the cut
      • Smoked Ham slices and Jowls $8/lb
      • Sausage Links and Brats $7.50/lb
      • Bacon, Pork chops, steaks and roasts $7/lb
      • Smoked Hocks and bulk sausage (Maple, Breakfast, Italian) $6/lb
      • Ribs and ground pork $5/lb
      • Leaf Lard and Back Fat $3/lb
  • Pastured Poultry

    • Chicken

      • Broilers $3/pound
      • Rangers $3.50/pound
    • Turkey

      • Broad Breasted $4/pound
      • Heritage Turkey $7/pound
  • Rabbit Meat

    • $4/pound

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