About Us

Welcome to Morganic Farm!

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Morganic Farm is a 30-acre family-owned and operated farm in northwest lower Michigan. We are located only 30 minutes south of Traverse City on M 113. We raise heritage hogs, fiber and meat rabbits, dairy goats, ducks and laying hens year round. In the summer we raise meat chickens and turkeys and run a small Vegetable CSA.

We grow our vegetables using no-till ecological and organic growing practices with organic seeds.  Our animals are currently fed non-GMO feed.  We are in the process of researching a local source of organic non-soy feed.

Our goal is to produce great-quality food while improving our soil and land. We do not own a tractor, and do all gardening by hand. One of our other goals is to preserve the heritage breeds of animals selected for their resilience, temperament, and diversity. Heritage breeds are usually more hardy and can take more nutrients from the land, which make them both suitable and economical for our farm. This also helps make the farm more sustainable in the long run.

By supporting local farms, you are enriching the community and keeping your dollars here in Michigan.