Violet’s new kid

IMG_0971_1Violet likes to take us by surprise.  Well, actually they all seem to.  One sunny Saturday we came back from visiting another farm and discovered that Violet had given birth in our outside pen!  She was all finished and had cleaned up the mess.  We were concerned at first that the little doeling would be too cold.  But she was dry and warm and already romping around her pen.  I am always amazed that goats can go from the warm insides of their mama to the cold harsh world outside, as long as they are out of the wind.  Some people bring the newborns inside their house for fear they will be too cold outside, but once they are inside in the nice warm house you don’t dare take them out again for fear of shocking their systems, and then of course, mama can’t feed her baby.  We named Violet’s kid Jewel and she is another floppy eared beauty.

Last year when Violet gave birth she was also outside.  We brought her into the barn and she was having so much trouble we had to give her a hand with delivery.  She gave birth to two kids last year.