Earth Day in Cadillac

We attended Earth Day in Cadillac on April 21st, 2013.  We had a little spinning demonstration and Lovisa sold her pot holders and hats.  We enjoyed the live music and loved all the demonstrations and the live plant give aways.  The day was chilly and breezy, but we enjoyed the scenery and the good company.

Pastured Pork, Health Benefits!

Read entire article at this site. The Benefits of Pastured Pork Pastured pork is more nutritious. Pastured pork has higher levels of vitamin E, healthy Omega-3 fatty acids,and many other nutrients than conventionally raised pork. Pastured pork is more humane. Pigs raised on pasture have more than just freedom from confinement, they have the freedomContinue reading “Pastured Pork, Health Benefits!”

New Chicks Arrive!

We just brought in our new batch of layer chicks!  This is a variety of different breeds that were available from Murray McMurray Hatchery.  These varieties include: New Hampshire Reds, Silver Spangled Hamburgs, Light Brahmas, Pearl White Leghorns, Blue Andalusians, and Black Minorcas.   We also got the random chick that Murray McMurray includes withContinue reading “New Chicks Arrive!”

Homemade Organic Chicken Broth

1 pastured organic chicken-bones and skin mostly (after you’ve cooked it and eaten a meal of it and picked all the meat off the bones) 4 quarts water 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar Put the chicken bones and skin, plus any water or dripping from cooking, into a large stock pot and add more water andContinue reading “Homemade Organic Chicken Broth”

Order now for 2013!

Deadlines are coming up to sign up for our heritage chickens & turkeys.   After the dates listed at our Pastured Poultry page we will not be able to order them, or the growing season will be too short to raise them.  We are already starting to take orders on our chickens, turkeys, ducks, hogs, rabbitsContinue reading “Order now for 2013!”