Three Pups Left!

This Saturday, June 29th the puppies will be 8 weeks old!  On this day they will start going to their new homes.  But we do still have three male puppies left eager to find families.  If you are interested contact us right away, we will hold your place in line in the order we receiveContinue reading “Three Pups Left!”

Ripple and Scout

Known for her affectionate, friendly nature, Ripple is always a favorite.  Her coat has a bit of curl to it, and thus we call her Ripple. Scout, turns out to be aptly named as he has already starting to follow us around for our farm chores.  He is extremely adventurous, and loves to be aroundContinue reading “Ripple and Scout”

Cancer fighting porridge

When my father got cancer a few years ago, I dove into some extensive research to learn about alternative cures.  They revealed that the cause of cancer was basically a toxic overload of the body (although some people are more susceptible than others), so the cure was to detoxify the body.  My father did allContinue reading “Cancer fighting porridge”