Happy Turkey Day!



With only 1 week left until Thanksgiving we are excited about our heritage turkey’s this year.  Heritage turkeys were so much fun to raise.  We had them on fresh pasture every day in the turkey tractor when they were young, then moved them to the turkey pasture when they got bigger.  They knew how to use their wings right away and flew over the fence regularly, but they didn’t go far, mostly to the next grassy spot, and came running back at feeding time.

We fed them non-GMO, locally grown feed (in addition to the grass and bugs they gathered themselves).  So they are a turkey you can really feel good about eating!

We enjoyed their sweet and friendly nature, far more gentle then even chickens!

Heritage turkeys are still able to breed naturally, yet in spite of this obvious advantage our Chocolate turkeys are on the endangered list.  Our heritage turkeys will be a little on the small size this year (we got them late after last year’s turkey’s got so big they didn’t fit in the turkey roaster!), but they are perfect for family thanksgiving dinners when you don’t want a month’s supply of leftover turkey.

If you missed out this year on ordering your turkey, never fear, we will be taking orders again in February for next year.