Spring Harvest for 1st week in June

Welcome to Spring’s first harvest!  This week we have: Salad greens, oregano, rhubarb, nettles, and chives.

The nettles can be a little tricky to use.  Try not to touch them as they do sting.  I have cut them off the stem.  The best way to work with them is to use salad tongs or gloves.  If they touch your skin you might get bumps and feel the sting.  The sting is not lethal, but it smarts a little (I routinely get a little stung when I harvest them, so it’s not that bad).  Nettles are extremely healthy and perfect for your spring detox.  You can blend them in a shake, use them with the oregano for pesto on your noodles, or add them to your favorite cooked dish.  They must be cooked or pulverized to kill the sting, so they aren’t good for a salad.  They can be helpful if allergy season is hitting you hard.  Nettles should only be used in the spring before they set seed.  After seed setting they are too potent and will give you a tummy ache.

Rhubarb is excellent in a rhubarb pie or made into a cake.  Look online and I’m sure you’ll find all kinds of ways to use them.

Enjoy the spring harvest, we’re bouncing back from this long winter, and there’s lots more to come!