Swim in the Snow?

Mother nature is making up for the warm and beautiful fall with some winter weather coming in now.  We woke up to a heavy blanket of snow settling down nicely on the trees and across the ground, and we’re expecting even more the next few days!

The ducks still love to come out, in spite of all the snow. Lately, as the temperatures have gotten colder they retreat into the barn, then go back outside throughout the day.  Otherwise they like to set and preen themselves or just be calm for hours over near the east end of the barn.  I am not sure why they like this spot.  From it they can see if there is a dog in the kennel.  They can see humans passing by.  Perhaps it is because for those rare sunny moments the sun actually touches them in that spot as well.

They are laying very well in spite of this weather and we’re getting over two dozen eggs a day.  Lucky for us, ducks like to lay their eggs in the morning, while they’re still in the barn.  Any eggs laid outside would freeze.  Ducks are so hardy, they really take all the snow in stride and often look like they are swimming as they come out into it.  Of course they still enjoy their bath of fresh water as we bring it out twice a day.  Enjoy winter!