Daphne gets ready to farrow



Nice…Genevieve sends me an email today–“uh…today marks 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days since Henry (our boar) got in with the sows…”–so we discuss snow, paths, gates, piglets, farrowing hut, etc. Finn digs a path from the new pen gate to Mason’s pen (the farrowing pen) gate. Family goes into town. I then dig a path to the farrowing hut and fill it with straw. I grab a bucket of feed, open Mason’s pen gate and merely walk up to the new pen gate. Daphne–the one we think is furthest along–strolls right up to the gate. I open it–and she waddles through it (all…300-350 pounds of her?). She follows me up the path to the farrowing hut. I drop her pile of feed. She eats–and is now surveying her temporary home while she and her mates bellow out grunts before she (I hope) settles in for the night. And it’s such a beautiful, crisp night out there. We’re now on piglet watch. At least four more sows behind her (if not ten…).