Time to Sign up for your CSA!

The Spring Equinox is a couple of weeks away and daytime highs are supposed to be above 50 all week.  Now is a great time to plan where your family’s food will be coming from for the next four to six months.  When you buy from your local farmer they, their community and their region atContinue reading “Time to Sign up for your CSA!”

Custom Orders and Feedback Welcomed!

Morganic Farm welcomes custom orders and enterprises. Think of it as “I do not have a farm (or land or time) but boy–I sure love ______________! I wish there was a farm in our region that raised it/them.” We are eager to create an affordable plan to reach both of our goals. Or–you can askContinue reading “Custom Orders and Feedback Welcomed!”

Goat Share Program ends, then gives birth to new enterprises (are you kidding?)

If life has offered me any gifts–which it has–the most salient of those gifts might be turning mistakes into gifts, obstacles into launching pads and the reminder that ignorant folks (including myself) and the entities they represent and/or work for need to be forgiven–most of the time.  😉 Due to the growth of our eggContinue reading “Goat Share Program ends, then gives birth to new enterprises (are you kidding?)”