Spring puppies, lamb and kids

Newborn baby animals are my favorite part of spring!  Last night at 2:30am, after being in labor most of yesterday, Rosie (our English Shepherd) began giving birth.  When she was done she had nine new little puppies, six girls and three boys!  Coloring can change a little over time, but most of them are sable and white!

Goats kids are probably the most entertaining of all our new babies.  Only a week after birth they are bouncing joyfully around without a care in the world.  Having a five at a time gives them plenty of fun playmates!

Lambing with our one ewe turned out fine and we love the beautiful black ram lamb who follows his mother very closely.  Luckily we sheared her before she gave birth.

I often get asked if we plan to keep all our baby animals.  I wish!  But no, we don’t need them all.  We are currently selling most of our goats and all the puppies.  Send us an email at morganicfarmcsa@gmail.com if you are interested in a goat kid once they are weaned.

People are already sending in deposits for the puppies, if interested in getting in line for one of our spring pups the first step is to complete our Puppy Questionnaire.  We use this to help us make sure the puppies are going to stable homes where they will be given structure and well cared for.

Other baby animals for sale include weaned rabbits (French Angora and New Zealand) and weaned kittens (kittens are free).