Puppy Day!

Today was a sad day for me, saying goodbye to many of our puppies.  But I was also very, very happy to see the new owners and know they are each in wonderful loving homes that will take good care of them.  I also feel that the puppies and their owners chose each other wisely and they will get on well together.

We now have two pups remaining: Hazel and Nell

You can view their Volhard Puppy scores to see that Nell will be a better dog around children, while Hazel has slightly more energy and spunk.  They are both excellent pups that will bond well with their new family.

If you are interested in Nell or Hazel please complete our Puppy Questionnaire and contact us to set up an appointment to come visit the pups.  You can contact us at: morganicfarmcsa@gmail.com