August Pork Sale!

Ham Slice’s are on sale this month for $4/lb (regular price $8/lb)

Ground Pork is on sale this month only for $3/lb (regular price $5/lb)

Pork Fat is $1.50 per pound (50% off)!

You can find our pork, eggs and more at the Sarah Hardy Farmer’s Market in Traverse City, MI on Saturdays from 7:30am-12:30pm.  Come on by!

You can also find us at the farm every day from 8am-8pm.

As always our pork is pastured, Non-GMO and chemical free!

How to render pork fat into lard:

What you’ll need:

  • several pounds of pork fat
  • large pot and ladle
  • clean glass jars

Put the pork fat into the large pot.  You can cut it into chunks or put it through a grinder to make it all the same size (this step is optional and I have had good success adding it straight from the bag into the pot).

Turn heat on low and slowly allow the fat to melt (do not add water to pot).  As it melts, ladle the liquid into the glass jars.  Allow the jars to cool before putting on the lid to prevent moisture from getting trapped.  These jars of lard will be pure white (unless you turn the heat up so high it smokes, then it will be golden).  Lard can be stored in a cool, dry location (like a basement pantry), or in the fridge.  You’re finished when all that remains are golden brown “cracklings”.  These can be salted and snacked on, or chopped fine and added to biscuits in place of the fat of a recipe.

Lard is great for pie crusts, frying or baking.