How to Shop Morganic Farm in the Winter

Dear loyal and deserving customers,

Some of you may still be wondering if you will see us at the Mercado in the GT Commons this season.  For now the answer is “no” and I have no idea when it might be “yes.”  I fatefully caught up with the market master on the last day of the Sara Hardy.  Evidently my emails had gone into her SPAM filter.  She said that they already had pork, poultry and egg producers (including herself) and that they did not need or want anymore (though she added that existing products did not move well).  She asked if we did any winter greens.  We do not.  So we have been added to the waiting list.  I understand that she has a market to diversify, yet it is a bit heartbreaking, as…

Our eggs and poultry sold out consistently all summer–including before Memorial Day and after Labor Day.  Our pork moved increasingly better as the season progressed as well.  The last day of the Sara Hardy saw our greatest sales volume of the year–better than any sales day during the tourist-laden summer.  Thank you!

So how do you get Morganic Farm products now?  You can always come by the farm.  We are here seven days a week from sun up to sun down.  You are welcomed to call ahead to make sure we have the products you are after.  But we know this can be a haul and you may not be passing by (to or from Cadillac, Grand Rapids, Chicago–all points south) when you need items from us.  We now have an online ordering and payment site.  You can order the items you want and pay for them or put a deposit down on them.  You can then meet Genevieve at the Seung-ni Traverse City Martial Arts & Kickboxing Academy (who graciously allows and supports our efforts) on Three Mile Road, just north of Hammond Road.  She is there with our son, Finn (a student there), every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.  If there is any balance of payment she can handle it there (cash, check, credit card).  So say it is Monday and you are wanting two dozen eggs, a chicken and three pounds of brats.  You go to the site, select the items and quantities you want, pay in full or a deposit for them, and then indicate what evening you would like to pick them up from Genevieve.  It’s that easy.

So please do not be shy nor hesitant about reaching out to us for product all winter long (or all year round!).  We are here to provide you with nourishing, sustaining food year round.  The most potent and assured way to vote is with your dollars.  Please go to our new order and payment site and vote often.  🙂

Thank you!


Published by Morganic Permaculture Farm

A 30-acre permaculture farm near Fife Lake, Michigan, operated and facilitated by Stuart Kunkle. Utilizing and filtering through permaculture ethics and principles the raising of pastured, non-gmo supplemented, heritage pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, ducks, and quail.

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