Spring Hog Sale

Planning on having ham for Spring Holidays, like Easter?  Order your half or whole spring hog soon and get it for the affordable price of $3/pound hanging weight, which includes custom processing!  Order your pork just the way you like it, and get tasty hams, just in time for spring holidays.  This offer is good while our sounder of swine lasts.  Fed non-GMO, locally grown feed, with plenty of room for foraging, and lots of fresh air makes for happy and healthy hogs.

You can complete our custom processing form here, and go to this link to send in your deposit for a whole or half hog and you’re good to go.  Contact us if you have any questions: morganicfarmcsa@gmail.com

Published by Morganic Permaculture Farm

A 30-acre permaculture farm near Fife Lake, Michigan, operated and facilitated by Stuart Kunkle. Utilizing and filtering through permaculture ethics and principles the raising of pastured, non-gmo supplemented, heritage pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, ducks, and quail.

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