Puppy visiting this Saturday!

This Saturday we have Puppy Visitation hours from 2-3pm.  So you still have time to attend the Farmer’s Market, or if you miss the market, we’ll have plenty of eggs and pork for you to choose from here at the farm while visiting with puppies! Puppy visitations are open to anyone in line for aContinue reading “Puppy visiting this Saturday!”

My Goal for Today’s Sara Hardy Farmers Market

What is your goal for today’s Sara hardy Farmers Market? My goal for today’s Sara Hardy Farmers Market is to come home with no product.  That’s right.  Have I ever come close?  I have come back to the farm with close to zero eggs, but often still have some proteins available.  But today–I really wantContinue reading “My Goal for Today’s Sara Hardy Farmers Market”

Sara Hardy Farmers Market starts tomorrow!

Like a swimmer on a journey across the straights or a marathoner approaching mile 26 (.2) we are finally on the cusp of our second year at the Sara Hardy Farmers Market, starting tomorrow (for Saturdays at least) in Traverse City. Please come down and at least say “Hi” and chat as we reconvene forContinue reading “Sara Hardy Farmers Market starts tomorrow!”