My Goal for Today’s Sara Hardy Farmers Market

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Duck, Quail & chicken eggs

What is your goal for today’s Sara hardy Farmers Market?

My goal for today’s Sara Hardy Farmers Market is to come home with no product.  That’s right.  Have I ever come close?  I have come back to the farm with close to zero eggs, but often still have some proteins available.  But today–I really want to share everything I bring to the market at the market.  So be prepared–if you come down–for some really motivational deals–esp. in the final hour (11am to 12pm).  Though this might change next week.  What if the best deals were in the first hour–for those early birds, those Johnny’s on the spots?  Hmm…

What are some of the tactics being deployed today to achieve this?

Today we will reopen our 100% Custom Omnivore CSA Share program.

Oh yeah–I remember that from last year.  You pay a set amount of money and get to pick from any products available.  You just put your money down first, we take your name, contact info, and then track your use as you receive items from us.  Al items are available in this program.  So you can receive eggs, bacon, roasts, chickens–both meat/broilers and stewing hens, turkey, rabbit, goat milk, and all of the berries, fruits, mushrooms, and veggies that we have available throughout the year–yes?

That’s correct.

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Has anything changed as far as this year’s program goes?

Yes.  This year the payment can be any amount.  It can be $5, $20, $100, $200–whatever you want, can afford, have on you, etc.  We want this program to literally be available to anyone–no matter what their cash (though we also take checks and credit cards) situation is.  You put down whatever amount of money you can or want to.  We take your name and best contact info and record your payment.  You then–immediately and from there on–get to choose from ANY of the products we currently have.  Your share payment then gets debited the cost of the item(s) minus 10%.  So in exchange for your prepayment with us you get any and all products (including bacon) for 10% off our regular price.

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That’s great.  And any balance just carries over until it is used up?


And then what?

To continue in the program you just make another payment.

Does it have to be the same amount?  Or be used up in a certain amount of time?

No–it does not have to be the same amount.  No–the credit lasts indefinitely.  If you only receive products from us in May and June and then again in October and November that’s fine by us.  That is your choice.  We want this primary farm purchasing option to support you and accommodate you no matter what you like to eat, what your purchasing patterns are like, etc.

Do sale items qualify for the program?

No–because the sale prices we offer are always greater than 10%.  🙂

Are there any other advantages to this model?

Yes.  It allows us to produce whatever we want, whenever we want, without being hindered or otherwise encumbered by any external agencies, rules, third parties, middlemen, all of whom at the end of the day are really trying to take their own slice of a very, very small pie.  It allows us to establish and maintain a very direct relationship with our customers–which is why we started farming in the first place.

How long will you offer this 100% Custom Omnivore CSA Share?

For as long as we farm–which we hope is a very, very long time.  🙂

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Published by Morganic Permaculture Farm

A 30-acre permaculture farm near Fife Lake, Michigan, operated and facilitated by Stuart Kunkle. Utilizing and filtering through permaculture ethics and principles the raising of pastured, non-gmo supplemented, heritage pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, ducks, and quail.

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