Dairy Goats For Sale

Morganic Farm is selling its dairy goat herd.  Goats can be purchased individually or you can by the entire herd (Gah!!!  Who WOULDN’T want to do this???).  This herd currently includes: 1x Lamancha doe in milk  ($250) 1x Nubian mix doe in milk ($250) 1x Alpine mix not in milk ($150) 1x Oberhasli/Alpine mix (sheContinue reading “Dairy Goats For Sale”

The Wednesday Sara Hardy Farmers Market (today!)

Dear local food supporters: Just a heads up that I will be at the Sara Hardy Farmers Market this morning–and remember–it is in the Old Town Parking Garage on 8th Street (half a block west of the Old Town Playhouse, on the north side of the street).  Market runs from 8 am to 12 noonContinue reading “The Wednesday Sara Hardy Farmers Market (today!)”

Piglets for sale

Morganic Farm has Hereford/Mulefoot cross piglets available for sale right now.  Females and males (intact) available.  $50 per.  Please call or email with your order.  Piglets are out on pasture and thus will be captured and crated 24 hours in advance of your pick up.  Our lines reach market weight in 6-7 months.  No pharmaceuticalsContinue reading “Piglets for sale”