Farmers Markets this week–and pigs…

Good evening.

I’m sorry to those of you who may have come to my nook at the Wednesday Sara hardy and did not see me.  I was going to post about not coming–and ran out of time.  It was due the shoulder and my inability to lift anything with that arm.

As it has been healing by leaps and bounds after Dr. Olsen pulled it gently out and I have been stealing an extra hour or two of sleep the past few mornings I WILL BE at tomorrow’s Sara Hardy Farmers Market.  Something of note:

  • I may not have any ducks eggs.  They are still in the molt and daily egg counts are between 4 and 10–and then they are sold fast.
  • I will be sampling more quail eggs.  If you have not had them before or had them in a long time please feel free to inquire if I do not offer.  The past three markets I have come home empty handed–which is good. 🙂  If you have tried them before please purchase some if you like.  (unfortunately they are not free for all–they are free samples to hose who’ve never tried them)
  • In lieu of not having duck eggs and having missed Wednesday’s market I am bringing extra chicken eggs tomorrow (more than I ever have prior).  If I sell out my jaw will literally hit the asphalt.  But let’s see what we can do.
  • I’ll also have pork cuts (sans brats), whole stewing hens, and one whole turkey).  I’ll also have the remaining jars of leaf lard.  Still struggling to find time to get the regular lard rendered–though am hoping for Saturday and Sunday nights.

Speaking of pigs…I have decided not to send off my ten adult pigs to the commodities market.  My resolution on this is one of those products of a post-farmer chat and my evening chore meditations–a sort of “what the hell was I thinking?” kind of thing…  I raise pigs to go directly to consumers.  There are certain and rare circumstances whereby I will bypass that–but after doing it twice I cannot bring myself to do it again.  So I do have ten pigs available if anyone is considering a whole or half hog this time of year.

As far as loading goes I have decided that loading them myself IS something I want to be able to do–so will be spending a chunk of this weekend undoing a pasture near the loading ramp and redoing it–for ease of getting pigs into it and making them feel more comfortable themselves period.  One way or another this will work.  🙂

Whelp–ten o’clock–time to head for bed.  3:45am comes early.  Remember, please do all of your shopping at your local farmers market.  This time of year especially you can find pretty much everything you are looking for.  We appreciate it.

Oh–and here is a final dramatic tidbit–last night, I let the four dogs (Jack was in the kennel) out to go potty before bed–while I brushed my teeth–and what happens?  The dogs get excited and bolt into the darkness and before I even get to the back door I smell the raunchiest skunk smell I think I have ever smelled.  The kind you think it actually coating your sinuses, or on your tongue.  I haul out and get the dogs in–but they of course brought MORE of the smell in with them!  So out they went—but into the kennel by the back door.  Incense lit–I decided to verify if they all actually got it (I’ve grown so used to sleeping in a room surrounded by dogs that I did not want to be without…).  Hawkeye and Rosie passed the sniff test–Willa and Chloe did not.  So those two stayed out until tonight–as they have miraculously passed it.  I know Willa seemed to know she’d gotten zapped with something as she was uncharacteristically digging and PUSHING her torso through the lower soil layer–as if she was giving herself and intense dirt bath, rolling and writhing.  But thank goodness-tonight–they’re all good.

See y’all tomorrow!


Published by Morganic Permaculture Farm

A 30-acre permaculture farm near Fife Lake, Michigan, operated and facilitated by Stuart Kunkle. Utilizing and filtering through permaculture ethics and principles the raising of pastured, non-gmo supplemented, heritage pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, ducks, and quail.

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