Farm Note for 8/29/17 (unwashed eggs, lamb, duck, etc)

Hey there,

I have always wanted to not have to wash eggs here on the farm and am finally getting there.  Starting now and more formally this Wednesday at the Sara Hardy Farmers Market I will have chicken eggs that are not washed–so can sit on your counter top if you like.  They do not and will not need to be refrigerated.  They will range from spotless to very minor scuffs on them.  They have not been washed and thus still have their bloom on them (protective coating).  On some of them I used a dry scouring pad to knock off poop, dirt, sand, straw, feathers, shavings, etc.  I will also have washed eggs for those who prefer them.  Ultimately, at some point in the very near future, I will have only unwashed eggs–which you can choose to refrigerate or not.  The cartons for now are still being dated (and will continue to be) and I have added an identification system of R for Refrigeration (needed) and NR for No Refrigeration (needed).  I went with this as I scratched my U’s and W’s (for Unwashed and Washed) on a scrap of paper and thought they might become indistinguishable.  These unwashed eggs will be very handy for those of you camping or grabbing local farm goods before heading out on a road trip.

If I can get over to RRR Tuesday I will have lamb cuts at the Wednesday market as well.  I took two lambs in last week and they are ready.  This is Morganic Farm’s first foray into processed market lamb.  Very interested in seeing how it goes.  Especially with the dogs and the lay of my land I think sheep could be a long-term presence here–though am interested in Katahdins (for hardiness and lack of wool–no need to shear) as well as East Friesians (for milk).

We came close to beginning the processing of half of the duck flock (these will technically be stewing ducks as they are all over a year old) but paused after reflecting on and outlining the refinements I want to make to my processing system.  I need to get a few more items and materials and then we should be set on processing.  Possibly this weekend–but we are getting very, very close.  🙂

In other news my Boer buck Tommy is getting his broken leg x-rayed today.  He broke it in late June/early July trying to get over a fence (we think).  He broke it above the elbow on his front left leg.  If things look well we may remove the cast today–or within a few weeks.

The ducks continue their molt (which is why this is a great time to cull the unproductive ones–fewer pin feathers) and I am getting between one and four eggs per day.  The quail eggs–which had dropped to zero eggs for a few days (from an average of 30 per day)–have started to increase again.  I got sixteen last night.

After the ducks go into the freezer (or at least some of them) more stewing chickens will be ready.  I will not 2017-raised turkeys this year.  I chose to wait and then never ordered them once I saw how the summer was going to go.  🙂  However, I do still have some 2016 turkeys in my freezers.  Maybe six of them?  Their weight range is in the 12 to 20 pound range.  They are available now–until they are gone.  I will raise and have turkeys available next year.  I am also processing the rest of the male quail in the coming two weeks.  These dress out at about 5 ounces and go for $5 per bird.

Within the next week or two I should have goat cuts available.

I have pigs ready for whole or half processing right now.  Their live weight ranges from 225 pounds to 260 pounds.

That’s all for now.  See you when you come to do your grocery shopping at this Wednesday’s and Saturday’s Sara Hardy Farmers Market.  Thanks for your ongoing support!


Published by Morganic Permaculture Farm

A 30-acre permaculture farm near Fife Lake, Michigan, operated and facilitated by Stuart Kunkle. Utilizing and filtering through permaculture ethics and principles the raising of pastured, non-gmo supplemented, heritage pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, ducks, and quail.

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