How to order a whole or half hog from Morganic Farm (pigs going in Oct 12)

Well…it’s the eve of the last month of the 2017 Sara Hardy Farmers Market.  Just eight more markets for this season.  Eggs are ready to go–just have to package up the last of them and get to bed.

They’re calling for rain tomorrow morning between about 1am and 7am in TC–a little later out here.  Temperatures dropping, too.

young pigs on pasture 069 SMALLER.jpg

I wanted to let y’all know I am taking four pigs in to be processed a week from this Thursday (October 12th).  2.5 of those 4 pigs are spoken for (1 whole and 3 halves).  If you would like a remaining whole or dip your toe into a half now is an awesome time.  RRR is very busy right now and am not sure when the next group will go in.  I am counting on “before Dec 1” but nothing has been scheduled yet.  I’d like to walk you through the process and the product:

  1. You pay a $100 deposit (counts toward the overall cost of your pig or half)
  2. I then send you a custom cutting form via email for you to fill out, send back, and then me to send on to RRR.  This form will ask you about the cuts you want, whether or not you want bones for stock or your dogs, fat to render, what size packages you want, organs, number of cuts per package, flavor of sausage, bulk vs brats vs links, etc.
  3. Approximately two weeks later RRR contacts me to let me know your order is ready.  We then coordinate a drop off–either at my farm or in TC.  You can also pick up the order yourself at RRR but you must pay first and then I release your order at RRR.

“What do I get for that much live weight?  How much pork are we talkin’ ’bout?”

My pigs typically weigh between 225 and 300 pounds live weight when processed.  To get an idea of what you will receive (called “freezer weight”) you can almost just cut the live weight in half.  So from a 300 pound pig you may get 150 pounds of product.  The standard by is to multiply the live weight by .72, then that number by .72 again (approx. 52%).  If it is a 250 pound pig you may get 125 pounds of product.  Cut those figures in half for an idea about halves.

“Yeah–but HOW MUCH product is that?”

These are the boxes from RRR that your product comes in.  They are roughly 1.3 cubic feet.  However, they are 23 inches long so if you estimated them at two cubic feet you’d guarantee your space once they arrived.  Each box seems to hold approximately 20 pounds of pork.  So on a half hog order you might get 3-4 of these.  On a whole hog order you could get 5 to 9 of these.  It depends on the size of the pig and also what you want back from your pig.

Whole pigs are $2.50 per pound hanging weight (live weight x .72).  Halves are $3.00 per pound hanging weight (live weight/2 x .72).  This means a 250 pound pig will be approx. 180 pounds hanging weight–or $450.  So in the end you would be getting about 125 pounds of product for $450–or about $3.60 per pound.  That includes the processing.  The only thing it does not include is the casings and labor for brats or links.  That costs an additional $2.50 per pound.  So say you get 20 pounds of brats–your order would cost an additional $50.

Are there any questions?

Published by Morganic Permaculture Farm

A 30-acre permaculture farm near Fife Lake, Michigan, operated and facilitated by Stuart Kunkle. Utilizing and filtering through permaculture ethics and principles the raising of pastured, non-gmo supplemented, heritage pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, ducks, and quail.

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