Morganic Farm post for Week 20

Hey all–FINALLY trying to get caught up on events and news of the farm. First up–yes, Yuli (the last remaining pup) DID find a wonderful home. Next up–Chloe is pregnant.  She came into heat late and I considered all of the candidates for a home for Rosie’s pups who did not get one–so I putContinue reading “Morganic Farm post for Week 20”

Radical Simplicity Part Deux: Selling My Pigs

I have decided to sell off all of my Mulefoot/Hereford cross pigs.  This includes pregnant sows, gilts and boars.  The price for pregnant sows is $400.  The price for gilts and boars is $300.  All of the pigs are in the wight range of 175 to 225 pounds.  They have lived outside their entire lives. Continue reading “Radical Simplicity Part Deux: Selling My Pigs”

Radical Simplicity: Laying hens and roosters for sale

As I announced on the farm’s and my FB pages I am selling my flock of laying hens.  I don’t expect this to happen quickly but it will happen.  I have decided to narrow my farm focus on first–my dogs–and second and beyond all animals that I deem a good relationship and responsibility for them. Continue reading “Radical Simplicity: Laying hens and roosters for sale”