Radical Simplicity: Laying hens and roosters for sale

As I announced on the farm’s and my FB pages I am selling my flock of laying hens.  I don’t expect this to happen quickly but it will happen.  I have decided to narrow my farm focus on first–my dogs–and second and beyond all animals that I deem a good relationship and responsibility for them.  That would be first and foremost the sheep.  My ewes have begun their annual lambing and I will be getting more sheep soon from a farmer in our region.  I hope to enlarge my flock to at least fifteen (at least) before next winter.  And more beyond.  I also plan to keep raising and increasing my numbers of meat goats.

So back to the birds.  I have approximately 375 chickens (~355 laying hens and ~20 roosters).  I have decided to set the pricing by age of bird:

  • This first group of birds is barely 18 months old.  They are $15 each.  They include:
    • Black Minorcas
    • Anconas
    • Red Stars
    • Pearl White Leghorns
    • Cuckoo Marans
    • Auracanas
    • Black Astrolorps
  • The second group is not quite 24 months is priced at $10 per bird.  This group includes
    • Delawares
  • The third and final group is not quite 36 months and they are priced at $5 per bird.  This group includes
    • Barred Rocks
    • Isa Browns

So how does ordering work?

You review this information and then decide what birds you want and contact me (placing your order).  You can get as many or as few of any kind as you want.  We set a pick up date and you come out to my farm and the birds–WHICH WILL HAVE ALREADY BEEN CAUGHT–will be in a poultry crate or dog crate waiting for you (grabbed the night before while sleeping–THE BEST AND ONLY TIME TO CATCH THEM).  You arrive, we transfer the birds, you pay me, and you go have your flock of birds ideally producing multiple eggs per day/week.

What if the bird does not seem to be laying?

The birds you will be buying from me will be birds identified with fresh, active vents (where the egg comes out).  This is my preferred method for identifying layers from non-layers and I have used this system almost the entire time I have had layers.  So ideally you get my best, most productive birds (that’s the idea–I am selling “layers”) and I will ultimately be left with birds I sell for meat/stewing hens.  (*except for three layers I keep for myself)

If a bird does not seem to be laying can I return it to you?

No.  All sales are final.

What about roosters?

All roosters are $10 each and I have them in almost all of the breeds.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks so much!


Published by Morganic Permaculture Farm

A 30-acre permaculture farm near Fife Lake, Michigan, operated and facilitated by Stuart Kunkle. Utilizing and filtering through permaculture ethics and principles the raising of pastured, non-gmo supplemented, heritage pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, ducks, and quail.

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