Radical Simplicity Part Deux: Selling My Pigs

I have decided to sell off all of my Mulefoot/Hereford cross pigs.  This includes pregnant sows, gilts and boars.  The price for pregnant sows is $400.  The price for gilts and boars is $300.  All of the pigs are in the wight range of 175 to 225 pounds.  They have lived outside their entire lives.  Have never been on concrete.  Have eaten at minimum a non-gmo feed, sometimes consisting of corn and soy–sometimes not.  All of these pregnancies are first time and are do within the next 1-2 months max.  There has been zero taint detected in any of my pigs–including and especially my boars.  I have a loading chute that you can bring your trailer right up to and I and you can load the pig(s).  I can deliver pigs for $2 per mile one way minimum $50.

Please feel to call or email with any questions.

Thank you!