Farming Practices and Philosophy

Our animals benefit from rotational grazing and good fresh air. Our Philosophy is based on IMG_0169_6_1Permaculture values: care for the Earth, care for people and return the surplus.

We care for earth by practicing no-till gardening and rotational grazing of animals.  Animals are raised in their family groups without artificial hormones or chemicals and with room to roam.  Plants are grown with organic practices using composting, hugakulture construction, greywater and pasture management.

We care for people by providing them with fresh, healthy food and interact in the local cash economy.  We also care for the workers on our farm by training young people as interns in all the ways that farming is done.

We return the surplus by composting and donating our extra meat and vegetables to our local food banks.  We also occasionally hand out samples of items we have in abundance to our neighbors and people who come by for a tour.

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