Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you raise everything yourself?

We raise all of the animals and grow the fresh vegetables right here on the farm.  To feed our animals, much of what they eat is a waste product from the farm (weeds and vegetables not suitable for human consumption), and we locally source hay and non-GMO grains from our neighbors or Hall’s Feed.

Are you a “certified” organic farm?

We are certified “exempt” for much of our farm (vegetables).  Farms that make less than a certain amount are exempt from paying for expensive 3rd party certification, but are still considered organic.  Other parts of our farm are not organic (chicken, pork, goat, rabbits), but are raised on non-gmo, locally grown and milled grains and hay (in many cases our local farmers do not to spray crops they are growing for us).  Forage and rotational grazing from our chemical-free land are large parts of all of our animals’ diets.  Our land has not been under chemical agricultural use in at least the last 40 years.

My family is on a budget, is there any way to pay month to month for the CSA shares?

Prepaying for CSA shares allows us to invest in seeds and feed, effectively using your money to grow your food.  We prefer folks to prepay, so we know for sure we have customers ready for our products when the products are ready and at their peak of freshness.  That said, it never hurts to ask, and we do make exceptions for regular customers who sometimes pay installments every month (instead of all at once).

Do you deliver?

Delivery is available, but it costs $10-15/trip with-in a 30 mile radius.  Call for availability.  We have a farm market open on Fridays and other than that can arrange for you to pick-up from us by appointment.

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