Internship Details

In the late spring through early fall interns can camp on our 30 acres and share 3 meals/day with the family.  Intern can expect to work about 50 hours a week on the following projects:

About ~24 hours/week for the farm on the following activities:

  • care for the animals-feed and water daily
  • garden work: prep, planting, harvesting, weeding, clean-up
  • pasture construction, cutting and removing weeds
  • surveying contour lines, creating swales, erecting fence, contour plantings
  • forestry, timber work and brush hauling
  • construction of animal housing
  • animal processing

Interns will work another 20 hours a week on Focused Enterprises of their choosing.    See the Internship Curriculum for details on the enterprises and opportunities for interns to make an income on their chosen enterprise.

Interns perform community service and homesteading activities (~5 hours/week):

  • food & meal preparation, processing, and clean up: bread, cheese, jam, tomato sauce, relish, pickling, fermenting, etc…
  • cleaning spaces used by intern, and picking up after themselves
  • planning meetings and discussion
  • personal learning and research
  • participating in farm learning and sharing opportunities

Interns will also be exposed to:

  • permaculture
  • radical homemaking
  • organic gardening
  • animal care
  • hand milking goats
  • rotational grazing
  • water catchment systems
  • grey water systems
  • alley cropping in pasture
  • fruit tree planting
  • guild creation
  • mushroom logs
  • mushrooms in the garden
  • compost building/nutrient cycling
  • no till farming
  • drip irrigation
  • mulching
  • soap making

The internship will last about 6 months, beginning in April/May and ending in October/November.  Interns who stay the entire season (6 months) are eligible for additional compensation.

This is an opportunity to see if farming is a venture you want to further pursue and experience a lot with no more investment than six months of your time.  Interns are expected to come with enthusiasm for farming and the farming lifestyle.  They will work hard, yet maintain balance in their lives and work so as to not injure themselves or burn out.  We expect interns to ask questions and engage with activities being done by the farm as well as work independently.  The intention is to give the intern a realistic impression of what farming life is like.

Interns are expected:

  • to be respectful to themselves and others
  • polite and helpful to the farm family and to customers and vendors
  • to be present for the full length of their agreed internship
  • to exhibit a good work ethic
  • to overcommunicate if need be–rather than undercommunicate

Interns will recognize that they have been selected over other applicants to fulfill an important position on the farm and the farm is committing to facilitate their learning just as they are committing to fulfill their obligations.  Farming is a cyclical commitment and this experience is a good example of what that commitment entails.

Interested applicants should submit a:

  • Letter of interest discussing:
    • why they are interesetd in interning with us
    • what they hope to learn by working on a farm
    • how long they intend to stay
    • primary interests regarding farm work
    • why they want to be a farmer and work on a farm
    • any interest, experience or exposure to permaculture they may have
  • complete resume including:
    • education – including out of school related educational experiences, like 4-H
    • farming or gardening background
    • volunteer or work experience
  • the email addresses of 3 references from volunteer supervisor or work supervisor

Applicants we are interested in will be contacted for an interview.