Meet your Farmers


Stuart with Piglet

Stuart Kunkle has farmed in Oregon, Alaska and Montana.  He received his Permaculture Design Certificate from Lost Valley Educational Center in Dexter, Oregon in 2007.  He is the big muscle in our operation and is involved in all major building/renovation projects.  He brings enthusiastic discovery to all of the farm ventures–executing projects and doing deep research.  His favorite animals on the farm are his Heritage Hogs and the barn cats–Luna and Penny.

Grape Harvest


Genevieve Pfisterer has farmed for years in Oregon, Alaska and Montana.  She has volunteered at community gardens and does most of the gardening on the farm.  She received her Permaculture Design Certificate from Lost Valley Educational Center in Dexter, Oregon in 2006 and also interned there under the direction of Permaculture teacher Rick Valley.  She likes to use her permaculture training to design and plant fruit and nut trees and berry bushes.  A visionary, the fruits of much of her labor these first years will not be realized for a few more years down the road.  Her favorite animals are the goats.

Lovisa with Jack

Lovisa with Jack

Lovisa Kunkle is our official photographer.  She is also a skilled gardener and oversees the rabbitry.  Her favorite animals are the rabbits and chickens.  She likes to work with wool and has been excited to knit and felt the wool from our sheep.  Her hats are always available for sale.  She is also willing to do special orders (if you need particular colors).  She finally got her first horse, her very own dog and has her own blog.



Finn Kunkle is a excellent gardener.  He is disciplined and focused in his work.  Finn is a natural builder and tinker and is involved in many of the building projects on the farm.  His favorite animals are the dogs and cats and the offspring of all of our livestock.  Finn helps care for the farm dogs, especially his very own dog.  In his free time Finn builds with Lego’s and makes stop-motion movies.