Animals For Sale

Pigs for Sale

Selling many of our Mulefoot/Hereford hybrids (all ages, genders, colorings). Many ages to choose from. Several mature boars to chose from. Pregnant sows available. All weanling males are intact. Our line has proven to be taint-free. Prices range between $50 for piglets (none currently available) and otherwise $150 per pig.  We have 24 to choose from. All have lived on pasture 100% of their lives as well as being medicine/vaccine/antibiotic-free their entire lives. All have been fed non-gmo feed.

Goats for Sale

Since we no longer have a goat-share program, we have to downsize our herd a bit.  We disbud all our goats so they won’t have horns.  They have been fed non-GMO feed, hay and forage and are chemical-free (no vaccines or pharmaceutical drugs).  We have one doeling left for sale.


Our spring doeling for sale is 1/2 Alpine, 1/2 Oberhasli (Oberhasli is a heritage breed derived from Alpine stock).  She is brown with black accents.  She was a single birth and has had excellent growth and is very healthy.  $100.


French Angoras and New Zealand Rabbits for Sale

We usually have some French Angora and New Zealand Rabbits for sale at various ages.  Our French Angoras come in all different shades and fur types.  Our New Zealand Rabbits are white, blue or black and white broken.  Specify if you are interested in breeding stock, or pet rabbits.

Our breeding stock comes with a pedigree and has been selected for rate of growth and body conformation.  In the case of Angora’s they are also selected for wool quality.  Our pet rabbits do not come with pedigrees, they did not meet our high standards for breeding stock, but are exceptionally friendly and easy to handle rabbits.

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