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English Shepherd puppies left


Three Pups Left!

This Saturday, June 29th the puppies will be 8 weeks old!  On this day they will start going to their new homes.  But we do still have three male puppies left eager to… Continue reading

Ripple and Scout

Known for her affectionate, friendly nature, Ripple is always a favorite.  Her coat has a bit of curl to it, and thus we call her Ripple. Scout, turns out to be aptly named… Continue reading


Cassandra is an easy favorite.  She is okay with being rocked over on her back and will drift off to sleep while you hold her.  She is so incredibly sweet.  Easy going, friendly,… Continue reading


This little guy was named after the mouse the book, and like that character, little Despereaux is full of spunk and vigor.  He is friendly and one of the first to greet us… Continue reading


This puppy is the adventurous sort.  With black and white coloring and a friendly disposition.  Ranger is sure to be ready for all the adventures.


At two and a half weeks these guys are just starting to open their eyes.  Puzzle is a little brown and white English Shepherd.  Curious and alert he is a friendly little guy… Continue reading

Princess Pea

She is very sweet and very cuddly.  Princess Pea is a friendly little pup.  She will be eager to please and devoted to her family when she grows up.  She has beautiful English… Continue reading

Farm Dog Rosie’s New Puppies!

Rosie had her puppies on May 3rd 2013.  She had 11 pups, 4 females, 7 males.  7 are black and white, like Rosie and 4 are brown and white.  We are taking $100… Continue reading