CSA Shares

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What is a CSA? 

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), is a sustainable way for farmers to produce products for their local customers. When you sign up for a CSA share, you become a member of our farm and receive product every week at our farm. It’s a great way to get to know your farmers and others in your community, and see where your food is being grown.

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Omnivore Share

This share gives you a discount on all our products offered at the market.  Pay $300 now and it will be deducted as you go.  Use it up in 3 months and renew as often as you like.  Sign-up any time.

Available Year Round

Select products for your CSA share! Each Share lasts 6 months, the Winter Share runs from November to April and the Summer Share runs from May to October (unless otherwise stated).  Please sign up early to ensure availability.

Egg Shares

Our hens are completely non-GMO and soy-free. Enjoy your rainbow dozens, with brown, blue, white, chocolate shells from our many heritage breeds of chickens.

Chicken Egg Share:  1 dozen per week — $130 for 26 weeks

Pork Shares

Our heritage hogs are completely non-GMO. In addition to non-GMO locally grown feed, they spend the year outside feasting on grasses, bushes, saplings, acorns, and roots.

Regular Share: 1 package a week about 4-8 pounds per month — $180 for 26 weeks

Rabbit Shares

Our rabbits are fed forage and non-gmo feed.

1 rabbit (about 3-4 pounds) per month — $144 for 6 months, or…

2 rabbits per month –$288 for 6 months.  These plans amount to approx. $24 per rabbit.

Pick-ups in the winter can happen any prearranged day of the week at our market from 11am-6pm.  

Miss the sign-up deadlines?  If we’ve ordered extra we can prorate the weeks you’ve missed.  Pro-rating is not available for weeks you miss in the middle of the season, but for frozen items we can give them to you the following week.  Try to sign up early so we can plan for you.

Pick-up Options

  • At the Farm on Wednesday from 4pm-6pm.
  • Pick-up May-October at the Sara Hardy Farmer’s Market on Wednesday or Saturday mornings from 8am-12pm.  Find us in Farmer Lot 95 at the East end of the Farmer’s Market-summer only.
  • TC pick-ups are for CSA Shares and pre-ordered products only.