English Shepherd Puppy Page

Pictures of previous litters:

These are some of Rosie’s pups from previous litters.  We breed Rosie (our female) in the spring only, and we’re never sure how many she will have.  We have a brief questionnaire for all prospective puppy owners to complete and we need a $100 deposit to hold your place in line to choose your pup.  We will do our best using the Volhard puppy test, and what you share about yourself to match your family up with a puppy that will succeed in your home.

If you are interested in future litters please contact us.

Shipping Puppies

Shipping puppies is possible, but costly. We will make sure the puppy has the necessary vet paperwork, purchase a crate, collar and leash and make the arrangements for shipping through the Traverse City, Michigan airport. There are factors that the airline stipulates (such as temperature when flying), that may play into when your pup is sent to you. You must pay all the additional fees associated with shipping a puppy, plus a 10% surcharge prior to your pup being shipped. Depending on your location, you can expect to pay an additional $500-$600* for shipping your puppy. Please contact us if you need us to ship your puppy to you.

*The cost given is an estimate, the cost for shipping each puppy is different and depends on factors out of our control such as the cost of the crate, and the current shipping price.