Our English Shepherds

Go to the English Shepherd page to learn more about the breed, and the English Shepherd Puppy Page to learn more about purchasing one of our puppies.

Our English Shepherds: Rosie, Jack, Chloe, Willa, Hawkeye, and Pippa.

Rosie, Chloe, Willa, Pippa, and Hawkeye are registered with the ESC (English Shepherd Club), and Jack is registered with the UKC (United Kennel Club) and the ESC.

Rosie has been the mother of our puppies. She is a darling girl, very intelligent and instinctive, and a great mentor to all of her pups. Once she learns a new trick, she never forgets. She has natural herding aptitude and is excellent at agility.  She was born in 2010 and has reached the age of retirement for having puppies.dogs-chickens-food-and-goats-098-smaller

Jack is the father of our pups. He grew up with the goats, so they treat him as one of there own. He is very into his routines and gets along well with all the animals. He is kind with all people, and very good around strangers.  Jack is also extremely intelligent and has a natural herding instinct.  He was born in 2014.  JACK IS UP FOR REHOMING.

Chloe is Rosie’s daughter.  She was born in 2014 and 2017 will be the first year she has a litter of pups.  She has her goofy sides, but somehow manages to stay BFFs with everyone.  Chloe bonds well and is intelligent and intuitive.  She is sensitive to the needs of others and wants to please.

Willa is Rosie and Jack’s daughter from our 2016 litter.  She is the first pup we’ve had that has a “watch eye”-one eye blue, the other brown.  She loves to be around people and her parents, sister and uncle.  She’s a very social dog with a great sense of space, and has a lot of natural herding instinct.  WILLA IS UP FOR REHOMING.

Hawkeye was our first dog. He is Rosie’s half brother. While he is a general good all-around farm dog, the goats and pigs are the animals he is the master of. He is very compassionate with young animals and gentle with chickens, but can still be assertive with the stubborn adult pigs or goats.  Hawkeye was fixed at an early age and is not available for breeding.  He was born in 2008.

Pippa was born in 2018, to Rosie (her last litter) and Jack.  She was sold and returned to the farm via the unconditional return policy.  She has since been made a permanent dog here at the farm as she exudes extreme intelligence, natural herding ability, and unending love of work, great training prowess, and is just an awesome, fun-loving dog to every human and animal here.

(Scroll over each picture to see the name)

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