“Flower in the crannied wall”

Flower in the crannied wall, I pluck you out of the crannies, I hold you here, root and all, in my hand, Little flower—but if I could understand What you are, root and… Continue reading

Just one pup!

Our Spring 2017 litter of pups just turned 8 weeks old today!  Of the five puppies, we have matched four up in wonderful homes already!  This litter of pups was tested last week with… Continue reading

What is “Morganic?”

I keep meaning to get into a big breakdown of what “Morganic” means and how our farm came to choose that name.  I hope to do that soon.  Typically, the first words or… Continue reading

Puppy visiting this Saturday!

This Saturday we have Puppy Visitation hours from 2-3pm.  So you still have time to attend the Farmer’s Market, or if you miss the market, we’ll have plenty of eggs and pork for… Continue reading

My Goal for Today’s Sara Hardy Farmers Market

What is your goal for today’s Sara hardy Farmers Market? My goal for today’s Sara Hardy Farmers Market is to come home with no product.  That’s right.  Have I ever come close?  I… Continue reading

Sara Hardy Farmers Market starts tomorrow!

Like a swimmer on a journey across the straights or a marathoner approaching mile 26 (.2) we are finally on the cusp of our second year at the Sara Hardy Farmers Market, starting… Continue reading

Sows for sale

Morganic Farm is looking to reduce its pig herd size and has approximately 6 sows that are 2-4 weeks away from farrowing.  Farrows from these lines have averaged 8-10 piglets.  These pigs are… Continue reading

Lambs and kids

With all the new lambs and kids being born this spring it’s hard this year to keep up with naming them.  I came out to see the goats yesterday afternoon and was on hand… Continue reading

English Shepherd puppies!

Chloe’s new pups are growing beautifully!  They are just starting to open their eyes.  She had 5 pups, 3 male and 2 female.  All but 1 of the females are already spoken for.… Continue reading

Spring Eggs!

Warm days feel like spring and our birds are convinced summer is right around the corner.  After the long winter they have finished molting and eggs are coming on strong!  Quail eggs, duck… Continue reading