Farmers Markets this week–and pigs…

Good evening. I’m sorry to those of you who may have come to my nook at the Wednesday Sara hardy and did not see me.  I was going to post about not coming–and… Continue reading

Getting out of pigs…

Good day all. Well, as my mind swirls and observations continue I have to make some interesting and creative decisions about the future of my farm.  All but three of the dairy goats… Continue reading

Unrelenting Life…

So it’s been a busy and–as always–interesting day here at Morganic Farm. I have moved some livestock today.  Along with a male piglet and a down payment on two female piglets and two… Continue reading

Morganic Farm is also selling its Angora Rabbits

From my daughter Lovisa’s ad: French Angora Rabbits FOR SALE Hazelnut Rabbitry/Morganic Farm Is selling all of their French Angora rabbits. They would make great wool pets for spinners, or good breeding stock. All rabbits are under 3 years old, but old enough to breed. They are all pedigreed and come from great spinning lines. CB’s Caesar (chestnut buck) – $120 Hazelnut’s Hogarth (fawn buck) – $70 Hazelnut’s __________ (tort doe) – $60 Hazelnut’s ___________ (chestnut doe) – $60 Visit​ for more info and pictures, or call 231-632-9775 LOCATED IN FIFE LAKE, MICHIGAN, AT MORGANIC FARM.

Pre-Market Note for Saturday, August 12

Good morning, Just a brief note before applying the accelerator– Hope to see you all this morning.  Not sure who ordered the sprinkles but they are supposed to wane around 8am.  This is… Continue reading

Leaf lard, quail egg sampling, duck eggs, whole and half hogs, lamb and mutton, today’s Sara Hardy, fall omnivore CSA shares…

Good morning all, Just some notes before loading up and heading in for today’s Sara Hardy Farmers Market. I have approximately seven 16-ounce jars of rendered leaf lard from the seven pounds I… Continue reading

Thanks, market pricing, pigs moving, poultry meat

Good morning all– First off thank you to everyone for your comments and emojis re: Genevieve and mines split.  It is not easy–no matter how right it is.  It is not something one… Continue reading

Mid-Season Transitions

Genevieve and I have separated and are on the route to getting divorced.  There.  I’ve put it out there.  She has moved into town and I will be staying on the farm. What… Continue reading

Today’s Shopping List:

light bulbs cattle prod loaf of bread 18 bales of hay half gallon of Shetler’s whole milk hose repair kits (at least 4)  

Dairy Goats For Sale

Morganic Farm is selling its dairy goat herd.  Goats can be purchased individually or you can by the entire herd (Gah!!!  Who WOULDN’T want to do this???).  This herd currently includes: 1x Lamancha… Continue reading