Thanksgiving Turkeys are ready!

Weighing in at 14-20 pounds we have Thanksgiving Turkeys ready now!  They are $4/pound, fed locally grown non-GMO feed and pastured.  We still have some left, but they are going fast, so don’t miss out on your great tasting turkey this year!

New Egg Price

After meetings with some of our purchasers and looking closely at actual costs for raising our chickens, we realized that our current prices weren’t meeting the actual costs.  With great reluctance we concluded that we have to increase our chicken egg prices to $3.50 in order to continue.  The new price begins November 1st, 2014.

Eggs are available for purchase at the farm on Fridays only from 2pm-4pm.  Please call ahead 1 day in advance to let us know how many dozen you need.  Thank you for being our customers.

Time to order your fall Hog

Fall is coming fast, get ready by getting your hog into the freezer in time for winter.  We have several hogs ready now with more available later this fall.  Our critically listed Mulefoot hogs are a prime heritage breed with dark red meat.  They feast on acorns, pasture and locally grown non-GMO feed.

Getting your half or whole has never been easier.  Send us your order with deposit and we’ll take your pig to RRR for processing and pick it up for you.  You pick your frozen packaged meat up from us and pay $4/pound for a whole hog or $4.50/pound for a half a hog.  You can expect to get about 75 pounds of meat with half a hog.

Order your pastured, non-gmo turkey(s) now!

We have a limited amount of pastured, non-gmo turkeys available for 2014 Thanksgiving.  We are raising white broad-breasted this year and they are doing great on our turkey pasture.  The price is $4 per pound, with a $40 deposit required.  Estimated dressed weights run between 12-15 (hens) and 24-30 (toms) pounds per bird.  You can get your bird frozen in advance of Thanksgiving or within a week fresh.  Or–order more than one and enjoy turkey (like we do…) throughout the year.

Thank you for letting us feed you!


Puppies are all sold

We’re happy to report that all our puppies have found their homes for this year.  We always feel a sense of satisfaction when we can match a puppy with a good home.  This year we learned about the Volhard Puppy Test and used the test to evaluate the personality of the puppies.  We spend time observing how the puppy reacts to different situations to determine which families are most appropriate for which puppy.  Of course, we still let people choose their puppy, but we were able to make recommendations based on where they were going.  So this year we really feel we did a great job in placing them.  We are happy to discuss English Shepherds with you regarding how appropriate they are for your situation.  Puppies are chosen in the order we receive your deposit.

Morganic Farm Slideshow

Lovisa just created this new slideshow with music.  Enjoy!

Goat Milk

Unprocessed whole goat milk is delicious and good for you too.  Our goats live on pasture this time of year and all that fresh grazed goodness goes right into their milk!  In the winter they eat locally grown hay free of poisons.   Unprocessed goat milk naturally contains all the enzymes needed to help you digest it, and it tastes good too.  Goat milk is also more digestible to most animals than cow milk.

Right now Goat Share’s are available!  So you too can experience the goodness of fresh, unprocessed whole goat milk!  Taste it for yourself!

Two puppies left!

We had an exciting day as puppies went to their new homes!  Although it’s always a little sad for us to see them go, it makes me so happy when I see how happy the new family is to have them.  We still have two puppies left, Reed and Zane.  Please contact us right away if you are interested.  These puppies are 8 weeks old as of July 12th and ready for their new families.

Puppies, puppies, puppies

Born May 17th and Ready in mid-July!  We had 9 beautiful little pups.  7 males and 2 females.  We are now excepting deposits on these little guys and trying to find them good homes.  English Shepherd puppies are sociable and eager to please.  They are busy and active puppies, but settle down into quiet and relaxed house dogs.  They need training (and train easily), but need a job.  They work well on farms or learning skills, like agility.  They come from a line of herding animals and are naturally inclined to herd.  Please contact us via email: if you are interested in one of these little guys.  We use the puppy names to help us tell them apart, but they are easy to rename and won’t remember their puppy names.