Spring Harvest for 1st week in June

Welcome to Spring’s first harvest!  This week we have: Salad greens, oregano, rhubarb, nettles, and chives. The nettles can be a little tricky to use.  Try not to touch them as they do… Continue reading

Quiche Lorraine

This is my favorite quiche recipe of all time.  It uses really lard which can be made by rendering pig leaf fat into pure white lard.  Serve with a huge salad. For Crust:… Continue reading

200 Eggs a Day! Oh my!

We now have eggs available to pick-up at the farm. Call 231-879-3814 to arrange a pick-up. These eggs are non-GMO, from free range pastured hens and are very fresh. They are $3/dozen and… Continue reading

Christmas Trees

Looking for a local Christmas?  We’ve got Christmas Trees, Grape Vine Wreaths, homemade wool hats, Christmas heritage hams (sliced into steaks) and 1 heritage turkey left.  Let’s have a good one!  Happy Holidays… Continue reading

Making Kimchi

What do farmers do in the winter?  Well, we take care of our animals, haul wood and make Kimchi.  Kimchi is a Korean form of sauerkraut.  It’s a lacto-fermentation process that enlivens vegetables… Continue reading

Happy Turkey Day!

With only 1 week left until Thanksgiving we are excited about our heritage turkey’s this year.  Heritage turkeys were so much fun to raise.  We had them on fresh pasture every day in… Continue reading

New arrivals and animals for sale!

Animals for Sale Pigs for Sale Our two sows just farrowed and we have 13 piglets for sale. We have nine Mulefoot/Mangalitsa hybrids for sale for $150. There are 6 males and 3 females.… Continue reading

Frogs in the “pond”

I was adding a little water to the “pond” I constructed this summer out of an unused rubber feed container and discovered that at least 4 frogs have moved in (or are visiting)!… Continue reading

Traverse City Share Pick-ups Now Available

Morganic Farm now offers Traverse City as a new pick up location for Members of the CSA’s. Build your own CSA shares: Vegetable Shares Free Range Egg Shares Raw Goat Milk Shares Chicken… Continue reading

Vegetable harvest

Vegetables for CSA July 12th, 2013: salad, zucchini, beets, kale, peas, cilantro, garlic tops, turnips