Violet’s new kid

Violet likes to take us by surprise.  Well, actually they all seem to.  One sunny Saturday we came back from visiting another farm and discovered that Violet had given birth in our outside… Continue reading

Onyx’s baby is born

Onyx recently gave birth to a little doeling!  She is delightfully tall in the leg (taller than Bella’s girl born several weeks earlier!) and loves to romp.  At first she was a little… Continue reading

Baby Goats 2013

Born on Sunday, these little does are doing great!  Their father is pure Nubian and their mother is 1/2 Nubian, 1/2 meat goat.  She is the white adult goat.  She is doing a… Continue reading

Annie’s birth stories

The first year we had Annie we thought she might have arrived already pregnant because her belly was so big!  As the summer went on and she didn’t give birth we realized that… Continue reading

Goat births coming soon!

Annie was due yesterday and Onyx is due February 3rd!  But as of today, we are still eagerly waiting their births.  Stay tuned for further updates and pictures of the new baby kids!… Continue reading

January Thaw

We really enjoyed the January thaw last week.  A great day to feel energized and be productive before plunging back into winter.