Puppy visiting this Saturday!

This Saturday we have Puppy Visitation hours from 2-3pm.  So you still have time to attend the Farmer’s Market, or if you miss the market, we’ll have plenty of eggs and pork for you to choose from here at the farm while visiting with puppies!

Puppy visitations are open to anyone in line for a puppy, thinking about puppies, or who love to play with puppies.  The pups are really starting to enjoying the excitement of visitors!

You can email ahead if you wish with questions, or just show up at the farm at 2pm.

Anyone wishing to get in line for a pup, must first complete our Puppy Questionnaire and upon approval put down a $100 deposit.  We have 1 puppy left, either a male or female depending on what an earlier buyer chooses.

My Goal for Today’s Sara Hardy Farmers Market

shiitake mushrooms, veggies 483
Duck, Quail & chicken eggs

What is your goal for today’s Sara hardy Farmers Market?

My goal for today’s Sara Hardy Farmers Market is to come home with no product.  That’s right.  Have I ever come close?  I have come back to the farm with close to zero eggs, but often still have some proteins available.  But today–I really want to share everything I bring to the market at the market.  So be prepared–if you come down–for some really motivational deals–esp. in the final hour (11am to 12pm).  Though this might change next week.  What if the best deals were in the first hour–for those early birds, those Johnny’s on the spots?  Hmm…

What are some of the tactics being deployed today to achieve this?

Today we will reopen our 100% Custom Omnivore CSA Share program.

Oh yeah–I remember that from last year.  You pay a set amount of money and get to pick from any products available.  You just put your money down first, we take your name, contact info, and then track your use as you receive items from us.  Al items are available in this program.  So you can receive eggs, bacon, roasts, chickens–both meat/broilers and stewing hens, turkey, rabbit, goat milk, and all of the berries, fruits, mushrooms, and veggies that we have available throughout the year–yes?

That’s correct.

103 smaller

Has anything changed as far as this year’s program goes?

Yes.  This year the payment can be any amount.  It can be $5, $20, $100, $200–whatever you want, can afford, have on you, etc.  We want this program to literally be available to anyone–no matter what their cash (though we also take checks and credit cards) situation is.  You put down whatever amount of money you can or want to.  We take your name and best contact info and record your payment.  You then–immediately and from there on–get to choose from ANY of the products we currently have.  Your share payment then gets debited the cost of the item(s) minus 10%.  So in exchange for your prepayment with us you get any and all products (including bacon) for 10% off our regular price.

281 smaller

That’s great.  And any balance just carries over until it is used up?


And then what?

To continue in the program you just make another payment.

Does it have to be the same amount?  Or be used up in a certain amount of time?

No–it does not have to be the same amount.  No–the credit lasts indefinitely.  If you only receive products from us in May and June and then again in October and November that’s fine by us.  That is your choice.  We want this primary farm purchasing option to support you and accommodate you no matter what you like to eat, what your purchasing patterns are like, etc.

Do sale items qualify for the program?

No–because the sale prices we offer are always greater than 10%.  🙂

Are there any other advantages to this model?

Yes.  It allows us to produce whatever we want, whenever we want, without being hindered or otherwise encumbered by any external agencies, rules, third parties, middlemen, all of whom at the end of the day are really trying to take their own slice of a very, very small pie.  It allows us to establish and maintain a very direct relationship with our customers–which is why we started farming in the first place.

How long will you offer this 100% Custom Omnivore CSA Share?

For as long as we farm–which we hope is a very, very long time.  🙂

806 smaller

Sara Hardy Farmers Market starts tomorrow!

Like a swimmer on a journey across the straights or a marathoner approaching mile 26 (.2) we are finally on the cusp of our second year at the Sara Hardy Farmers Market, starting tomorrow (for Saturdays at least) in Traverse City.

Please come down and at least say “Hi” and chat as we reconvene for this socio-economic event.  I will be there every Saturday morning from 7:30am until 12pm for the next six months.  I will have chicken eggs, duck eggs and quail eggs.  I will have all of our pork cuts as well as rendered lard.  In a few weeks I will have whole rabbits.  In 3-4 weeks as well as later this summer (and through the fall) I will have whole chickens, whole ducks and whole turkeys.  For those of you who create your own dog food we will have ingredients for you as well (!).  Nothing has been, is, nor will be wasted.  We will continue to take orders for whole and half hogs.  Wholes are currently $2.50 per pound, halves are $3.  Later this fall we will have lamb.  Next spring (2018) we will have goat meat available.  Soon we will have goat milk shares available.  All animals are fed non-gmo feed.  All but the rabbits and quail are pastured.  The rabbits are fed cuttings from around our property–the quail are too vulnerable to predators and the elements for us to keep them outside in the wind and rain.  Soon and throughout the summer we will have vegetables, berries (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries) and shiitake mushrooms from our organic garden and logs.

Hope to see you all there!



Sows for sale

Morganic Farm is looking to reduce its pig herd size and has approximately 6 sows that are 2-4 weeks away from farrowing.  Farrows from these lines have averaged 8-10 piglets.  These pigs are Mulefoot/Hereford crosses that reach market weight in 6-7 months.  If you or anyone you know ever wanted to get into pig now is the time.  Please message, call or email with questions or interest.  Selling price is $250 per pig.  Delivery a possibility if you are in the Grand Traverse region.


Lambs and kids

With all the new lambs and kids being born this spring it’s hard this year to keep up with naming them.  I came out to see the goats yesterday afternoon and was on hand to help Katie-Jane birth her first buckling.  She was walking around the pen with his toes and nose sticking out (perfect presentation), but she couldn’t push him past that point.  I followed her around the pen to see if she’d let me help.  She was straining and pushing, but wasn’t making progress.  Finally she lay down facing the wall and as she pushed I gently pulled, then got the front legs out and helped her pull the rest.  He was so big!  No wonder he was stuck!  Both are doing great!  In the last picture he’s meeting a white meat goat buckling born earlier this spring.  He was only about 1/2 an hour old in the last picture and already standing well.

Lavender is an experienced mom and had two doelings late yesterday morning.  Both are beautiful and healthy!

baby lambs and kids 048 smaller

Earlier this spring we had five ewes give birth to six lambs.  All survived and are doing fantastic!  On the evening of Easter we had one newborn lamb that was having trouble standing to nurse, so we brought it in the house and started bottle feeding her.  We hoped her mom would be a good mother once baby lamb got on her feet, but her mom refused to stand and let her baby eat, so we’ve got one bottle baby.  The sweet thing about bottle babies is they become very attached to whomever feeds them, so this little lamb follows us all around the farm.  She spends most of her days with her mother and the other sheep.

The grey and black lambs were twins born to our Finnsheep.  The sturdy looking ram lamb was so big I had to assist his mother, he is very vigorous and growing fast!

English Shepherd puppies!

Chloe’s new pups are growing beautifully!  They are just starting to open their eyes.  She had 5 pups, 3 male and 2 female.  All but 1 of the females are already spoken for.  If you would like to be considered for the remaining female, please complete our puppy questionnaire so we can help you decide if you would be a good match for this breed.  Email is the best way to contact us if you have any questions.   We can be reached at morganicfarmcsa@gmail.com

Spring Eggs!

Warm days feel like spring and our birds are convinced summer is right around the corner.  After the long winter they have finished molting and eggs are coming on strong!  Quail eggs, duck eggs and chicken eggs are all available!  You can order them online and meet us in Traverse City, stop by our farm, or visit Greenspire’s Energy Expo this Thursday.  We’ll have a table there selling our eggs and pork cuts from 5:30-6:40pm.  Enjoy the beautiful weather, we hope to see you soon!

If you’ve never tried duck or quail eggs you’re in for a treat.  They taste much like a chicken egg, but they are more alkaline than chicken and people who are allergic to chicken eggs can often eat duck or quail eggs.

“Some of the most important health benefits of quail eggs include their ability to improve vision, boost energy levels, stimulate growth and repair, improve the metabolism, reduce blood pressure, soothe allergies, cleanse the body, and prevent chronic diseases.”  See Organic Facts for more information about the health benefits of quail eggs.

As always, our birds are fed locally grown non-GMO feed from Hall Farms, a local farm near Traverse City.  Support our farms and keep your dollars local!

Spring Hog Sale

Planning on having ham for Spring Holidays, like Easter?  Order your half or whole spring hog soon and get it for the affordable price of $3/pound hanging weight, which includes custom processing!  Order your pork just the way you like it, and get tasty hams, just in time for spring holidays.  This offer is good while our sounder of swine lasts.  Fed non-GMO, locally grown feed, with plenty of room for foraging, and lots of fresh air makes for happy and healthy hogs.

You can complete our custom processing form here, and go to this link to send in your deposit for a whole or half hog and you’re good to go.  Contact us if you have any questions: morganicfarmcsa@gmail.com

Christmas trees from Morganic Farm now available

Once again Morganic Farm is offering Christmas trees for folks in the Traverse City, Kingsley and Fife Lake areas.  We have Norway Spruce and Blue Spruce trees available.  The cost is $10 from the farm or $15 dropped off at your home.  We typically have 5-6 available at any given time and replace the inventory as they sell.  The trees are harvested from various locations around our thirty acres–including the old Christmas tree farm that was here when we bought the property seven years ago (almost to the day…).  Please call us or send us an email if you are interested.  Pics to be posted today or tomorrow.

Thank you!


Turkey, Pork and Eggs with a Traverse City Pick up

With the Sara Hardy Farmer’s Market over and Thanksgiving next week, access to good local food can be hard to find through the winter months.  To make this easier, we now have a website that can accept deposits and schedule picking up our products at our Three Mile Road pick up location, or at our farm.  We no longer charge for delivery into Traverse City at our Three Mile pick-up location!   Schedule your order today!

You still have time to order your Thanksgiving turkey!  The last Traverse City pick up before Thanksgiving is this Tuesday!  Our turkeys are weighing in between 10-16 pounds and we still have some available!

Winter egg availability is limited, so don’t miss out.  Place your order so you are first in line!

We have a huge selection of pork cuts  still available.  Bacon, Sausage, Brats, Ham, Roasts and more!  We also still have whole and half hogs ready to go at a great price!  Put down a deposit today to reserve your winter’s supply of quality pork!

Order everything online and save gas by scheduling your pick up at the farm or in Traverse City!

Winter pick up locations:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm to 8pm and Fridays from 6-7pm in Traverse City at Seung-ni Martial Arts and Fit Club off Three Mile Road, South of Airport Road and North of Hammond Rd, across from Grand Traverse Academy.  We meet in the back parking lot.
  • By appointment from Morganic Farm near Kingsley.