Intern at Morganic Farm

Morganic Farm is accepting applications for about 6 internship positions.  These positions offer interns a wide variety of learning opportunities.  Growing, raising and processing foods, along with good land stewardship and management practices.… Continue reading

Time to Sign up for your CSA!

The Spring Equinox is a couple of weeks away and daytime highs are supposed to be above 50 all week.  Now is a great time to plan where your family’s food will be… Continue reading

Custom Orders and Feedback Welcomed!

Morganic Farm welcomes custom orders and enterprises. Think of it as “I do not have a farm (or land or time) but boy–I sure love ______________! I wish there was a farm in… Continue reading

Goat Share Program ends, then gives birth to new enterprises (are you kidding?)

If life has offered me any gifts–which it has–the most salient of those gifts might be turning mistakes into gifts, obstacles into launching pads and the reminder that ignorant folks (including myself) and… Continue reading

Daphne gets ready to farrow

  Nice…Genevieve sends me an email today–“uh…today marks 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days since Henry (our boar) got in with the sows…”–so we discuss snow, paths, gates, piglets, farrowing hut, etc. Finn… Continue reading

Winter Comfort

Cold, snowy winter days are made for warm comforting hot drinks.  My favorite hot drink is a Mocha, hot chocolate and coffee with plenty of milk.  My milk of choice is goat’s milk… Continue reading

Swim in the Snow?

Mother nature is making up for the warm and beautiful fall with some winter weather coming in now.  We woke up to a heavy blanket of snow settling down nicely on the trees and… Continue reading

New Delivery Location in Traverse City

Morganic Farm brings their products into Traverse City! This option is for CSA Share members only.  Please use our Order Form to place your order for the Winter or Summer CSA Shares.  Starting late… Continue reading

Loki and his goat girls

Our horse, Loki, stood very well for the farrier today and he is looking well.  His coat has come in thick and warm and he’s not too fat and not too thin.  He… Continue reading


Hello Friends!  Sorry to miss your call!  Our phone is being switched over from a land line to satellite.  We get to keep our old number 231-879-3814, but the switch won’t happen until… Continue reading