We watched this film recently and found it very scary.  Not exactly shocking since we already had many concerns about GMO’s from our own research.  It was entertaining to watch, well done, informative and… Continue reading

Sign up NOW for the Summer CSA

Summer CSA Runs Early Summer-Fall: To buy our products: Complete & return the CSA Contract to join our CSA vegetable and protein Winter or Summer Shares Use our Special Order Contract to place special one… Continue reading

Winter CSA Shares

Join our Winter CSA, to become a member of our farm and receive a ‘share’ of what we produce during the winter months. We are excited to offer a variety of share options with your… Continue reading

Christmas Hams Available

We have amazing Christmas Hams available now!  They are packaged in 1″ slices, just in time for Christmas and the holidays.  Our hams are especially delicious coming from Mulefoot hogs, renowned for their… Continue reading

Pork by the cut

Available now by the cut. Smoked Ham slices and Jowls $8/lb Sausage Links and Brats $7.50/lb Bacon, Pork chops, steaks and roasts $7/lb Smoked Hocks and bulk sausage (Maple, Breakfast,Italian) $6/lb Ribs and… Continue reading

Lights on!

Egg laying has doubled since we added lights in the hoop house!   Now the lights turn on early in the morning and keep the chickens up a few more hours every night.… Continue reading

Morganic Farm Market

Our Farm Market is open every day from 11am-7pm.  Honk for service and we’ll come help you.  We currently have the following available: Turkey $4/lb Rabbit $4/lb Chicken Eggs $5/dozen Pork by the… Continue reading

Egg Prices pt 2

The overwhelming response to the increase in egg prices has been extremely supportive and most of our customers have voluntarily offered to pay $5/dozen!  This support is huge in helping us continue to raise laying… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Turkeys – Last call!

Non-GMO Pastured Thanksgiving Turkeys currently available.  They weigh in from 15-20 pounds and are $4 a pound.  To get your turkey, stop by the farm this week and pick one up.  They are… Continue reading

Mulefoot Hogs, High Quality Meat

Pastured Heritage Mulefoot Hogs produce an incredibly rich, dark red meat!  Our hogs can be purchased whole ($4/pound), half ($4.50/pound) or by the cut (available again in December-price varies by cut).  Hogs range… Continue reading