OMG posterWe watched this film recently and found it very scary.  Not exactly shocking since we already had many concerns about GMO’s from our own research.  It was entertaining to watch, well done, informative and was interesting to us. According to their website, this film is described as follows: GMO OMG director and concerned father Jeremy Seifert is in search of answers. How do GMOs affect our children, the health of our planet, and our freedom of choice? And perhaps the ultimate question, which Seifert tests himself: is it even possible to reject the food system currently in place, or have we lost something we can’t gain back? These and other questions take Seifert on a journey from his family’s table to Haiti, Paris, Norway, and the lobby of agra-giant Monsanto, from which he is unceremoniously ejected. Along the way we gain insight into a question that is of growing concern to citizens the world over: what’s on your plate?  This is a very basic introduction video to GMO’s.  I would have liked a little more scientific information about how they work.  In my own research I read a book called Minerals for the Genetic Code, by Charles Walters, which contains in the chapter The GMO Fallacy p. 45-59 contains some detailed information about how GMO’s do what they do.  I learned that in the real world all organisms have the ability to differentiate between “me” and “not me”.  This means that when you eat normal food your body says, this is food, not me, so I won’t try to make this me.  So this protects your body from trying assimilate your food.  That is also what prevents certain animals from successfully mating.  For example, in life you can’t breed a fish to a tomato.  It just isn’t possible.  But GMO’s contain a special enzyme that tells the organism, “this is me, integrate this”.  This enzyme is shot into the plant along with the new information and alter the hosts DNA.  The trouble is, as brilliant as these scientists are, they are just beginning to understand what they are doing.  They don’t know how to turn this enzyme off.  So when you eat this food, it goes into your body saying, kick out some DNA and make room for this new DNA.  It’s scary stuff.  And unless it’s organic or labeled non- GMO, you can pretty much bet it contains GMO’s.  Do we know the results of playing with this stuff?  No, absolutely not.  The research is still very, very new.  I guess we’ll know in about 50 years what the results are.  With the entire U.S. as the guinea pig. The other interesting thing I learned in a presentation at the Small Farm’s Conference by Dr. Olree who helped write Minerals for the Genetic Code, are about the GMO foods that are “Round-up Ready”, like soybeans and corn.  Round-up is considered the most benign of herbicides and works primarily by not allowing plants to take up minerals after being sprayed on a field.  These crops have been genetically modified to not need minerals to grow.  I find this very scary since we humans need minerals for so many things!  If we eat these foods that do not take up minerals we starve our bodies.  If we don’t have the correct mineral balance we can’t absorb vitamins.  And without vitamins we can’t utilize our food properly.  Our soils are already mineral starved from a century of soil stripping farming practices.  By growing food that doesn’t need minerals, we are feeding people a nutrient lacking diet.  Without these minerals cancer, tumors, obesity, diabetes, and liver failure will run rampant through our population. In the movie GMO OMG they interviewed a French scientist who conducted the first 2 year study on rats fed GMO’s.  The study’s done by Monsanto never lasted more than 3 months.  The results of the study were shocking.  The male rats suffered liver and kidney problems, while the female rats developed massive tumors in the mammary glands. If you have questions about GMO’s and you’re looking for a film to watch this weekend, this is a good one to consider.  It can be borrowed free at our area library.

Sign up NOW for the Summer CSA

Summer CSA Runs Early Summer-Fall:

To buy our products:

  • Complete & return the CSA Contract to join our CSA vegetable and protein Winter or Summer Shares
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Orders are placed in April, so sign up early to join for the summer.

  • Poultry Share:
    • regular:  Includes 1 Red Ranger chicken/week (July-October, 18 weeks total), plus 2 turkeys in time for the holidays $420/year
    • small: Includes 1 Red Ranger chicken/every other week (July-October), plus 1 turkey for the holidays $240/year
  • Chicken only Share:
    • 1 Red Ranger chicken/week  (July-October) $360/year
  • Unprocessed Whole Goat Milk Share:
    • 1 gal/week for the entire season of milking (approximately May-October) $270/year boarding fee
    • 1/2 gal/week for the entire season of milking $135/year boarding fee
    • 1/4 gal/week for the entire season of milking $68/year boarding fee
  • Vegetable Share:
    • Regular  $400 – 16 weeks starting the 3rd week of June to the end of September
      • Deluxe add-on $128- includes fresh homemade stone baked Bread, Salad dressing & Jam.
      • Spring add-on $60 -Starts ASAP in spring and includes nettles, morel mushrooms and whatever else the garden is producing.

Deluxe and Spring add-on are added to the regular share.

  • Egg Share:
    • 1 dozen/week- $120/per 6 months – May-October – prorated at $4.50/week
  • Pork Share:
    • 1-2 pound package/week – $180/ per 6 months – May-October – prorated at $7/week
  • Turkey Share:
    • 1 turkey/month – $360/per 6 months – May-October – prorated at $60/month
  • Rabbit Share:
    • 1 rabbit/month – $90 per 6 months – May-October – prorated at $15/month

Miss the sign-up deadlines?  If we’ve ordered extra we can prorate the weeks you’ve missed.  Pro-rating is not available for weeks you miss in the middle of the season, but for eggs or frozen items we can give them to you the following week.

Summer share pick-ups are at our farm on Thursday from 4pm-6pm.

Winter CSA Shares

Join our Winter CSA, to become a member of our farm and receive a ‘share’ of what we produce during the winter months.

We are excited to offer a variety of share options with your choice of our very own pasture-raised heritage pork, eggs, turkey and rabbit.

Our Winter CSA lasts from November-April (26 weeks).  We offer pro-rating for the weeks you may have missed.

Egg Share 1 dozen/week $120- your choice of chicken or duck -prorated at $4.50/week

Large Egg Share 3 dozen/week $360- your choice of chicken or duck -prorated at $13.50/week

Pork Share-1-2 pound package/week -$180  -prorated at $7/week

Turkey Share – 1 turkey/month  $360  -prorated at $60/month

Rabbit Share -1 rabbit/month $96  -prorated at $15/month

Please complete our CSA contract to sign-up for our Winter CSA.

Weekly pick-up available at our Farm Market during the winter months, open daily 10am-7pm.  Feel free to call ahead and honk your horn for service.

Christmas Hams Available

We have amazing Christmas Hams available now!  They are packaged in 1″ slices, just in time for Christmas and the holidays.  Our hams are especially delicious coming from Mulefoot hogs, renowned for their amazing hams.

Now is the time to pick up your Traditional Christmas Ham, from non-GMO pastured raised hogs.  Locally grown and locally available.  Available by the slice.  Each slice can feed four.

We have amazing pastured turkey available for Christmas and the New Year.  Pastured on lush summer grasses and ready for you!  They come as whole birds and range in size from 14-18 pounds.  Available for pick-up at our on farm market.

Pork by the cut

Available now by the cut.

  • Smoked Ham slices and Jowls $8/lb
  • Sausage Links and Brats $7.50/lb
  • Bacon, Pork chops, steaks and roasts $7/lb
  • Smoked Hocks and bulk sausage (Maple, Breakfast,Italian) $6/lb
  • Ribs and ground pork $5/lb
  • Leaf Lard and Back Fat $3/lb

Morganic Farm Market

Our Farm Market is open every day from 11am-7pm.  Honk for service and we’ll come help you.  We currently have the following available:

  • Turkey $4/lb
  • Rabbit $4/lb
  • Chicken Eggs $5/dozen
  • Pork by the package
    • Pork chops, steaks and roasts $7/lb
    • Ribs and Ground pork $5/lb
    • Smoked Hocks and bulk sausage (Maple, Italian, Breakfast ect…) $6/lb
    • Sausage Links and Brats $7.50/lb
    • Smoked Ham slices and Jowls $8/lb
    • Leaf Lard and Back Fat $3/lb

Please call ahead for eggs.

Egg Prices pt 2

The overwhelming response to the increase in egg prices has been extremely supportive and most of our customers have voluntarily offered to pay $5/dozen!  This support is huge in helping us continue to raise laying chickens.  Thank you so much.  I can with confidence, therefore, raise the price of both our duck and chicken eggs to $5/dozen.  At this rate we almost make $5/hour for our work and cover our expenses!


Mulefoot Hogs, High Quality Meat

Pastured Heritage Mulefoot Hogs produce an incredibly rich, dark red meat!  Our hogs can be purchased whole ($4/pound), half ($4.50/pound) or by the cut (available again in December-price varies by cut).  Hogs range in size from 150-200 pounds hanging weight -whole hog, and are processed at RRR in Buckley.  Like all our animals, our hogs are pastured and fed locally grown non-GMO feed and acorns.  Contact us with questions.