Our Market at the farm is open Saturdays and Sundays, currently from 8am to 4pm, and by appointment (231)-879-3814 or 231-492-5175.  Hours fluctuate with the season.  The best way to contact us is by email:

Our address is:  Morganic Farm, 8040 M 113 E, Fife Lake, MI

If you’re using google maps to find us, entering Morganic Farm will get you here great, our address does not work well with google maps.

(Only 25 minutes from Traverse City or Cadillac, and about 8 miles from Kingsley.)

Currently available at our Market

All of our products are Non-GMO, and none of our animals are given chemicals such as growth hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, etc… All of our animals spend their lives with access to the outside year round.  (Out of stock items are pink- these can be ordered  here.):

Order online and put down deposits for all our items here.

Free Range Eggs – please call ahead 12-24 hours for all eggs or place an order.  The best days for drive-by eggs are Saturday and Sunday.

Chicken Eggs $5.00/dozen

Grass-fed lamb

  • Lamb chops $18/lb
  • Ground lamb $11/lb
  • Shoulder roast $12/lb
  • Rack $18/lb
  • Sirloin $15/lb
  • Shoulder steaks/$12
  • Boneless leg $13/lb
  • Sirloin roast $20/lb

Pastured Heritage Pork by the cut:

  • Tenderloin $14/lb
  • Brats (Polish, mushroom and Swiss, beer) $8/lb
  • Smoked Ham slices, Canadian bacon and Bacon $8/lb
  • Pork chops, Steaks and Roasts $7/lb
  • Smoked Hocks and Bulk Sausage (Maple Breakfast, Spicy Italian, Sweet Italian, Chorizo) $6/lb
  • Ribs and Ground pork $5/lb

All chicken, turkey, duck, and rabbit must be pre-ordered.

Chicken Red Rangers $4/pound –  Order by spring of 2018 if you would like to order chickens.  

Soup/stewing Chickens – Laying breeds $3.00/pound- available by order, starting in May.  These birds make excellent chicken soup with their bones for nutritious  bone broth.

Broad Breasted Turkey $5/pound-ready now!

Rabbit Meat — $6/pound, pre-order one here.  Rabbits can be ordered almost any time of year.

Pastured Heritage Pork

  • $2.50/pound whole hog – hanging weight of processed hog packaged*
  • $3.00/pound half hog – hanging weight of processed hog packaged*
*see below for additional information about hanging weight.

Place your order for a whole or half hog, then complete the Custom Butchering Form.  Please plan 2-3 weeks in advance of needing your pig as we need to schedule with our processor.  Curing bacon and ham takes at least 2 weeks after killing.  A $100 deposit is required before we take the pig to the processor.  You can pay your deposit online when you place your order.

Custom Butchering Form


We raise a limited number of animals during the growing season.  To be sure they are available to you, we suggest placing an order, especially for larger purchases such as a year’s worth of chickens.  Orders for chickens and turkeys are best submitted in early spring, but are available while supplies last.

*Additional information about hanging weight:  Hanging weight does not include organs, skin, feet or head.  Hanging weight does include fat and bone.

Our hogs are a hybrid between two heritage breeds, the Mulefoot hogs known for it’s exceptional tasting marbled meat and Herefords a meat type hog.