Our Animals

Our animals are fed non-GMO feed.  We breed our own:

  • rabbits
  • pigs
  • goats
  • sheep

We also raise chickens, ducks year round.  In the summer we raise meat chickens like Red Rangers and turkeys.  We think it’s important that our animals have access to fresh pasture.

2 thoughts on “Our Animals

  1. hi! I’m pretty sure I saw your farm as one that raises mulefoots. is this correct? and if so do you ever sell the piglets?

    1. Bradley,
      Thanks so much for writing. Unfortunately I processed my last Mulefoot boar some time ago (4-5 years?) and then interbred all of my Mulefoot sows with a Hereford boar–and later sent them all off for processing (3-4 years ago). So my lines are the descendants of those 6-8 sows and Hereford boar. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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