Farm Classes

Morganic Farm offers instruction to groups and individuals on a variety of basic skills.

Farming Skills

Farming skills range from butchering animals on site, to building and planting garden beds.  Identifying weeds vs plants, setting up drip irrigation, harvesting plants, saving seeds, raising and caring for animals, animal shelters, fencing, milking, processing animals etc…

Homesteading Skills

Home making skills range from cooking, canning, baking bread, salve making, herbal infusions, processing large quantities of food, making jam, pickles, fermentation, cheese and so much more!

Permaculture Skills

These are skills that assist you in creating a landscape for around your home, but includes so much more.  Installing self-watering gardens, grey water, mushroom implementation, planting trees, using animals to assist with landscaping, etc..

School Groups

We are open to offering classes to school groups and after-school groups of children.  We can accommodate a school bus in our drive way (with room to turn around) and we can manage (with the teacher’s and parent volunteer’s help!) a classroom of children.  For a class group we can offer 3-4 instructors each providing a smaller group of children a chance to have hands-on experience with animals or learning a skill, then we can swap out the group so each child get’s a turn doing everything.  In the past school groups have learned to milk goats, pet rabbits and worked on a small building project.  Special pricing for school groups is $1 for each child for up to 2 hours.


Cost of classes are $20/hour for teacher time (so if there’s 4 of you it would be $5/hour each), plus the cost of any materials we use.  For example, if we teach you how to make salve it would the cost of the oils, beeswax and containers.

We’ll teach people aged 5 years-99 years young!

Please contact us to set up a time to learn about farming!