Free Range Eggs

Chickens Eggs

Chicken eggs are produced year round with more usually available in the spring. Our layers are fed non-GMO, locally grown layer mash.  They also get vegetation from the garden.  Because we have a wide variety of chickens, we have a wide variety of egg colors and sizes.  Eggs can be light brown, pink, dark brown, green or white, and we have them in all sizes.

Pick-ups are available at the Morganic Farm’s Market from 10am-7pm most days.  Please call ahead on to check egg availability and let us know how many dozen you need.  Chicken eggs are $5/dozen.

Duck Eggs

Our ducks live outside with access to fresh vegetation, they also eat lots of bugs.  People who can’t eat chicken eggs, can sometimes eat duck eggs.  Our duck eggs are $5/dozen.

Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are small and speckled and are available for $10 for a carton of 2 dozen, or $5/dozen.

Egg Shares

1 dozen/week $120 for 26 weeks (May-October and November-April)

3 dozen/week $360 for 26 weeks (May-October and November-April)

Use our CSA Contract to sign up for Egg Shares

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