Goat Milk Share

Unprocessed whole goat milk has more vitamins and minerals than cow milk, is naturally homogenized, and while fresh, tastes sweet and creamy.  Read more about why to drink goat milk here

If you would like to learn more about joining our Goat Herdshare program, please visit the CSA Shares.

Fresh, raw, goat milk tastes much better (sweeter than cow milk) and is the milk of choice for health according to studies.  Currently it is illegal to sell raw goat milk in the state of Michigan, therefore the only source of good raw milk, is to raise the animal and milk it yourself.  Another option is to join a goat share program and become an owner of the goat through the goat share.  When you join a goat share, you become a part owner of the herd and pay the farm to care for your animal.

Joining the goat share program is easy.  Come out to the farm and visit the goats.  If you decide to join sign the boarding agreement, pay the fees and pick up your milk.  The amount you get each week varies due to natural lactation curves with goats. In early spring a full share could be as much as 1 1/2  gallons/week or as little as 1 quart/week in the fall.  Sometimes if the goats breed at the same time we might even have 2-5 months in the winter with little or no milk.  You can expect, on average, that your goats will produce about 1 gallon a day.  As an owner you share in the risks and benefits of goat ownership.

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