Pastured Poultry

Prices and available options at a glance:

Ranger Chickens $3.50/lb

Broad Breasted Turkey $4/lb

How we raise our birds:

All our poultry is raised without vaccines, antibiotics or chemicals.  When numbers are small and they live outside with fresh air and sunshine, they are naturally healthy.  We feed our poultry locally grown non-GMO feed.  All our poultry are rotated in tractors on fresh ground every day.  When joining our share program, you need to complete the CSA Share Contract.

Poultry Share:

regular:  Includes 1 Red Ranger chicken/week (July-October, 18 weeks total), plus 2 turkeys in time for the holidays $420/year

small: Includes 1 Red Ranger chicken/every other week (July-October), plus 1 turkey for the holidays $240/year

Chicken only Share:

1 Red Ranger chicken/week  (July-October) $360/year

Turkey Only Share

1 Turkey/month

Pick ups and Drop-offs

Thursdays, 4-6pm at the Farm, or by appointment.

Call for availability

Red Rangers

We offer pre-ordered Red Rangers for the year.  Please place your order between April 1st -August 5th and we will order chicks to fill your order.  Your Red Ranger will be ready 9-12 weeks after you place your order (although if you order small numbers-less than 15, there may be a delay).  Our Red Rangers grow are alert and aggressive foragers and cost $3.50/lb.  Chicken weights vary from 4-9 pounds. Down payment: $10/bird.

Heritage Chickens

We offer some heritage chicken breeds, they tend to grow slower and not get as big as the broilers, with smaller breasts and a leaner body.  They will take most of the summer to reach butchering size.  Order your heritage chickens April 1st-June 15th.  These chickens are available for $4/lb.  Down payment: $10/per bird.

Stewing Chickens

These are the old layer birds.  They make a wonderful tasty soup bird.  They will be on the lean side, more like the heritage breeds.  Stewing chickens are $3.50/lb.  No down payment necessary.


Our Turkey will be raised from summer-fall and ready for Thanksgiving in the fall.  Please place your order between February 1st and April 15th for Heritage turkeys and April 1st-June 1st for Broad-breasted.  Turkeys take from 4-6 months to reach maturity.  Sometimes we order extra, but if you want a guaranteed turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s safest to pre-order.  Heritage turkeys are $7/lb, and Broad-breasted are $4/lb.  Down payment is $25/per bird.


Ducks are prized for their excellent fat and can be raised in about 10 weeks and are $5/lb.  They are a tasty dark meat alternative to chicken and turkey.  They are especially good served for holiday treats.  Place your orders between April 1st-August 5th, the pastures are best in early spring.  Down payment: $15/per bird.

Our email is   phone # 231-879-3814

We take cash or checks please deliver in person or send to our mailing address: 8040 M 113 E, Fife Lake, MI 49633

Place your order here for your Poultry for 2015

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