Fiber Rabbits

We raise French Angora bunnies and brush or pluck them for their fur.  They come in many colors and are a docile and friendly breed, they must be brushed once a week to keep their fur from matting.  The Bunnies are pedigreed and sell for $50 each.  For more information visit Hazelnut Rabbitry.

Meat Rabbits

Our rabbits are fed grass and poplar branches from the land and rabbit pellets.  They are also pastured when weather permits and tractors are available.  Rabbits can be available year round, but take about 12 weeks to be bred and raised.  Our meat breeds of choice are New Zealand and Creme D’Argent.  Rabbits are $4/lb.

Rabbit Share

1 rabbit/month $96 per 6 months (May-October)

1 rabbit/month $96 per 6 months (November-April)


You are welcome to come to the farm on Thursdays from 2-4pm to pick up your rabbit.  Complete the Share Contract to sign-up or call for availability.

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